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This website has been made to enable users to be able to download the Free Pet RX discount prescription drug card to help save on users overall healthcare costs. We do not guarantee we will provide you the best price.

No Legal Advice or Medical Advice Provided

Information provided on this website is for informational general purposes only. freepetrxcard.com does not provide Legal or Medical advice. You should obtain your own professional advice from a qualified individual or company and do your own due diligence. You should always consult with your doctor for any treatment, tests, recommendations and all medical care, including examinations. You should not rely on anything on freepetrxcard.com for diagnosis and you should always consult with the proper medical professional. You should ALWAYS speak to a medical professional before getting and or changing a medical prescription and/or for specific medical advice related to your specific medical history. If you have questions about any law or any information on freepetrxcard.com please consult with your own legal counsel.

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Users of freepetrxcard.com prescription discount card and freepetrxcard.com website and their affiliates agree that neither freepetrxcard.com now nor its affiliates are liable for any claim, loss, or damages which may result from the use of, access to, or inability to use the freepetrxcard.com prescription discount card. You agree to use this site and the freepetrxcard.com prescription discount card at your own risk.

FreePetRxCard Is Not Insurance

freepetrxcard.com provides a discount card on its website to be used at participating pharmacies. The FreePetRxCard is not an insurance policy.

No Membership Enrollment And No Data Collected

There is no membership or enrollment fee to use the FreePetRxCard. You can compare medication prices, at various pharmacies, and use our FreePetRxCard at participating Pharmacies to see if using the card will save you money. FreePetRxCard’s goal is to help you get the lowest price possible, so you can better afford your medications. However, we don’t guarantee that using the card will be the most cost-effective means.

There is no enrollment or registration required.

freepetrxcard.com does not collect nor sell any personal information or drug usage data to anyone. Your purchases are between you and the pharmacy. Since there is no enrollment you will not receive any mailings from us.

Expiration Date and Refunds

Should you need to return a prescription, you must return in accordance with the pharmacy’s refund policies and procedures.

There is no expiration date in the Free Pet RX discount card but prices can change periodically so please be aware that the price of your specific medication is always subject to the price the pharmacy dictates at time of service.

Contacting Free Pet RX

Here at Free Pet RX we care about users satisfaction and will do everything we can to help answer all questions and concerns. We can be reached via phone at 855-407-2454.